Goal Statement For MBA Sample

Goal Statement For MBA Sample

sop letter sampleStatement of purpose sample provided here will be easy to follow. This sample will tell you how to present main aspects of the student’s candidature in appropriate manner. This SOP sample is created by our team of experts and listed all the major elements in it wisely. Use this statement of purpose example wisely and observe the way things incorporated in it. Mainly, observe the way content developed with telling effect in it.

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Diversity is the key to an impactful and far reaching career. All my life I have strived to diversify both my professional and academic endeavors, and it has developed me into a comprehensive individual whose skills permeate through a multitude of the facets of business. The growth of my professional skills began in Armenia, where I was born and raised. Then, in 2015 I sought the opportunity to branch out and empower my career in different ways, in new and unique places. This motivation is what brought me to the United States, where I have been focusing on utilizing my professional skills in a new environment. It is what has also brought me to this exciting pursuit of a prestigious MBA degree from XX University.

My professional endeavors include over ten years of experience in IT/Telecom, Oil/Gas, and Construction. The bulk of my work has been facilitating growth and improvement in a variety of managerial positions which have led me to the exploration of many other facets of business. For instance, my work as the Franchisee Sales Director for three years with Orange Armenia had me focusing on sales and our financial objectives, such as preparing annual budgets, scheduling expenditures, and a variety of financial analysis. This job led me to my next position with Veya Investments, where I led all the financial processes, and oversaw much of the sales and shipping processes. I have been fortunate to follow much of the financial organization at different levels across multiple companies, which has rounded out my comprehensive understanding of finances, economics, and accounting.

A large bulk of my work, however, has been on the managerial side of the spectrum. I have done everything from recruitment to upper level management where I have worked hard to motivate individuals and build efficient, high quality teams of people. As a manager at Amsnet Telecom I developed and managed financial strategies, and helped train employees to reach the best of their ability. I oversaw employee performance as well, overall working to build morale and ensure ever growing success for the company.

I used these skills in a marketing capacity as well, particularly when I worked as Head of Business Development and Marketing with MLL Industries. I quickly found that a broader understanding of the synchronous aspects of business helped in my ability to market the company effectively. Deeper knowledge of the flow and hierarchy of the business environment was vital to my ability to put together proper and effective marketing strategies.

Perhaps the most important thing I have learned in my years of experience is that all facets of business work in tandem with one another, and it is ineffective to just understand one aspect, even if your understanding is incredibly dense. Understanding how the parts of a business work and flow together is how to make effective change in a company, and it all plays into quantitative business analysis, something I have utilized in most all of my jobs.

Looking towards the future, I know that I can expand my knowledge even further in all aspects of business, which is why an MBA program is perfect for me. This program will allow me to utilize skills I have acquired in the past, and apply them in new and unique ways. It is an opportunity for trial and error, learning what is effective and what isn’t as I work towards taking on more responsibilities as a business professional. I am excited for where this MBA could potentially take my career, and I hope you will consider my application.

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Statement of purpose samples are always a great help while used wisely. You have to study the real essence in the sample and follow the similar ways for incorporating your skills, qualifications and additional information. Also, it is always essential to keep this information in chronological order too. This example SOP can offer a great deal things involved in its effective creation. You have to write it from the competition perspective in a way the SOP can be more special than other applicants’ SOPs and selection team should find it more appropriate and suitable too.

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