How to Write Statement of Purpose for Postgraduate Studies

How to Write the Statement of Purpose for Postgraduate Studies

statement of purpose for postgraduate studiesA statement of purpose for postgraduate studies will be required by most programs at the graduate school level regardless of the field. The statement of purpose postgraduates submit should consist of the following sections:

  • Introduction: State the name of the degree program, department, and school to which you are applying. Discuss what you intend to study in graduate and school and why. Also discuss what made you first become interested in the field and your career goals.
  • Research Experience/ Relevant Experience: In this section discuss any relevant experiences and research you have done and further clarify your research goals. Essentially this section covers how well you have prepared for the research want to undertake. Include skills you have gained such as operation of equipment, particular techniques, and analysis/critical thinking.
  • Current Interests and Aspirations: Explain why graduate school is the logical step for you at this point and time. State what you plan to accomplish while in the program
  • Statement about your fit with the program: What is it about the program that attracted you? Name professors in the program that would be appropriate for you to work with.
  • Conclusion: Summarize your statement of purpose.

Tips for Writing the Statement of Purpose for Postgraduate Studies

Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing the statement of purpose for postgraduate studies:

  • Tell a story: A statement of purpose that reads like a list is boring and will quickly lose the readers interest. Tell a story to convey the information you want. Relate a past experience. Stories are memorable which is what you want.
  • Be specific: Don’t use general statements that could fit any applicant. Be specific. Provide details and examples to support statements
  • Be yourself: Don’t write what you think admissions officials want. Write what you really think. Admissions will usually catch on quick if you are faking.
  • Get off to a quick start: Grab the reader’s attention with the first paragraph. The opening paragraph will make or break your statement of purpose.

Mistakes to Avoid When Writing the Statement of Purpose for Postgraduate Studies

Avoid these common mistakes when writing the statement of purpose for internship:

  • Using clichés: Opening statements that start out “From the time I was a child” and others like it that have been done to death.
  • Making your statement a sob story: Many people have had rough experiences. The statement of purpose is not the place to tell how hard you have had it.
  • Overly long sentences/excessive wordiness: Write concisely. Get rid of unnecessary words that don’t contribute to the points you are making
  • Failure to proofread: Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors at this academic level? Unacceptable.

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