Useful Advice on How to Write a Perfect Statement of Purpose

Writing a statement of purpose? As you may already know, this is one of the top requirements of institutions from where you would like to pursue an education and improve your abilities, knowledge and skills in your chosen profession. You do well on it, and you increase your chances of receiving an interview invitation. Otherwise, you might not be able to make it. Check out the following for useful information about this important paper.
How to Write a Perfect Statement of Purpose

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What Are the Details to Include in Your Statement of Purpose?

Keep your word limit. Best advice is to keep yourself to 10 to 15% less than the required word count. You don’t really have to fill the words, if you don’t have anything more important to say. Also, you should set yourself some section word limits. Additionally, you should be selective and do not use all the information to find. Choosing less may be better than more. Remember, it is crucial that you select well what to include and what to remove, as it can show your academic skill. Use the correct language in writing and don’t forget to edit carefully. If your sentence is more than 30 words, you may want to read and cut it. It will help to read aloud; in the process, you can listen to your ideas and see if you have expressed them clearly.

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What Are the Four Great Features of an Impressive SOP?

  1. Attention-grabber: A good SOP is able to grab the reader’s attention, usually with an alarming piece of information.
  2. Reference to the real world: A good start is a reference to the real world, and that’s moving from general to specific.
  3. Linking between the real and the academic world: An impressive SOP can show that the writer has ability in connecting the real world and school.
  4. Putting theoretical into practice: An excellent SOP is one that can describe your desire in putting theoretical into application.

What Are the Useful Expressions to Use in Statement of Purpose?

  • To finish school
  • To graduate from university
  • To attend seminars/lectures/ laboratory practices
  • To attend advanced courses
  • To improve/gain knowledge in mathematical modeling

Reviewing Your SOP

  • Are my goals clearly articulated?
  • Am I able to explain my purpose or reason to choosing this program or school?
  • Do I demonstrate my knowledge of the course or program?
  • Do I include interesting details, which can prove claims?
  • Is my tone confident?

Mistakes to Avoid

  • Glorifying oneself
  • Using empty language or words
  • Using common and general information
  • Using slang, jargon and technical words as well as quotations
  • Repeating information from the application, unless important to illustrate a point

What the committee want to see

  • Overall personality of the applicant
  • Academic background
  • Work experience
  • Continuity
  • Communication skills
  • Commitment and motivation


  • First: position/program applying; skills, experience and education
  • Second: Experience, achievements, education
  • Third: how those mentioned in second makes you an ideal candidate; motivation
  • Fourth: summation of the main points, description of what you can contribute to the program

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