Admission Statement of Purpose – Sample

Dear Sir/Ma,

I am writing this letter to apply for a visa to enable me to study in Canada. I have secured admission into the bachelor’s degree program at the Fanshawe College, and I have completed all the pre-requisites needed to be admitted into the school. I also passed my English proficiency requirements for admission to the University.

I have chosen to earn a bachelor’s degree in Early Childcare from the Fanshawe College, Canada because of its prominent role in promoting community service and empowerment, advocating strong relationships, implementing valuable support systems for present and future learning utilization, promoting new medical innovations, and introducing inventions that will improve early child care. I am confident that with the connoisseur guidance of the eminent faculty in the Fanshawe College; my strong theoretical background combined with my Logical thinking and leadership qualities will be entirely brushed to a well-designed aptitude to fabricate innovative research of high eminence in Early Child Care.

My desire to earn a bachelor’s degree in Canada stems from its unique stance at the forefront of medical innovations. Coupled with this, I have chosen Canada because I stand a good chance of being exposed to state-of-the-art instruments, while I learn current methods and procedures that will help me blaze new trails in early childcare. Without doubts, Canada is the best choice for me as it presents me with unique opportunities to grow and learn in a world-recognized university located in a tier 1 country. This is a lifetime opportunity for me and I am willing to make the best out of it, if given the chance. I hope my application is given ample consideration.

Thank you very much.