College Admissions Myths

In case you don’t know yet, college admissions are not spared from MYTHS. Fortunately, we’re going to discuss the truth opposite each of them. Moreover, information about format for statement of purpose is also available to read.

college admissions myths

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  1. MYTH: Colleges are looking for the well-rounded kid. TRUTH: Not really, but they’re looking for students who can excel at something (music, theater, dancing, athletics and leadership.

  2. MYTH: Being a legacy (the child of an alumnus) gets you in. TRUTH: Being one can help with your candidacy, but you also have to have good grades, at least at the standard and SAT scores. Yours should be within the school’s range.

  3. MYTH: In order to maximize your GPA, you should take the easiest courses. TRUTH: College admissions officers know about the hardest high school classes. Don’t think that getting an ‘A’ in gym and then four years of language introduction will get you by. The officers are looking into your transcript to see if you were challenging yourself by taking AP classes and having honors.

  4. MYTH: Essays don’t really matter. TRUTH: You need it for an incredible opportunity of saying something positive and memorable about yourself. It is your chance of giving them a reason to accept you and that’s never to be wasted.

  5. MYTH: Interviews don’t really count. TRUTH: It is not really optional, but required in most cases. In fact, you might send the wrong message of not being interested in the school if you don’t take an interview.

  6. MYTH: Asking for financial aid hurt. TRUTH: In some colleges, asking for financial aid has no impact on your chances (called blind schools), but in other schools, asking for financial aid may affect your application, either positively or negatively.

  7. MYTH: High scores on your SAT/ACT are all you need for gaining an acceptance into a selective school. TRUTH: While it helps in making you a stand out, your academic transcript is also important to show your competence to demonstrate your commitment or diligence, and not only a test score taken in one day.

Now you know the truth (and only the truth). Make sure you stand out in your college application by submitting your papers and requirements on time and putting your best foot forward in essays and interviews.

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