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How To Make Your Indiana University Essay Prompt a Successful One

Facts about Indiana University

indiana university essay prompt

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Indiana University – Bloomington was founded in 1820 and is a public institution. There are almost 36,900 undergraduate students currently enrolled at Indiana university. Nationally, Indiana university is ranked number 76 out of all U.S. colleges and universities. There are over 650 student organizations available for students to become involved in. Some well known and respected Indiana University graduate level programs include Kelley School of Business and Mauer School of Law. The most popular majors at Indiana University are Business Management, Public Administration, and Parks, Recreation and Leisure Studies.

Give a good response to the Indiana University essay prompt

The Indiana University essay prompt shown here provides plenty of options for a response:

“Describe your academic and career goals, professional philosophy (if applicable) and any special interests that you will pursue or are pursuing at this university. Also, share any unusual circumstances, challenges or obstacles you have encountered in pursuit of your education and how you over came them.”

If you think that writing isn’t your forte you can hire SoP writers, but if you are planning to write your statement of purpose on your own here are tips that will help writing the Indiana University essay prompt response:

  • Think about what information you have already provided in your application, and if there is anything not included you would like to inform admissions about. Maybe there is something in your application that you would like to explain further such as a semester where you received low grades.
  • Remember to keep it about you. Don’t talk about the Indiana University itself. Tell how attending Indiana University fits in to your overall plans. Link some specific plans/goals to the particular program you are applying to. The same rule is cool working in SoP writing too.
  • Don’t try and cover too much. Choose one thing to focus on and make that the point of your essay. It is much more effective to focus on your best point in detail and cover it well, than to have five points that are covered poorly.
  • Use stories/anecdotes. Stories are memorable and more interesting. If you feel there is nothing that highlights or distinguishes you an interesting anecdote can make you stand out.
  • Revise and edit. Your essay won’t be perfect the first time. After you have put down what you want to say, go back and see how you can say the same thing better
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An example of an Indiana University personal statement is provided here:

I will be majoring in Biology in preparation for Dental School. Eventually I want to specialize in orthodontics. The need to continually do research to formulate innovative solutions appeals to my temperament as does studying problems and finding solutions. Orthodontics improves not only the look of a smile but the health and longevity of teeth.

I also have a special interest is in music. I have studied classical cello since the age of five at various Suzuki Schools. Most recently I am in a string quartet that meets and plays weekly. I plan to participate in the orchestra, an ensemble and also in private lessons.

My career goal as stated above is well planned and straight forward. However life’s journey doesn’t always follow our plans and things happen that were not anticipated and that are beyond our control. It is important that instead of reacting with uncontrolled emotion, we should appreciate the unplanned side-trips we as opportunities for personal growth and development. When my father was diagnosed with Cancer in 2010, we as a family made the decision to move to Minnesota for treatment and to continue home schooling.

For many weeks the cancer ward was my class room. The patients became my teachers as I studied the art of coping with life and death. For the first time in my life, I was in a class I had not signed up for. I hope that I never have to overcome such adversity as that year brought but I know now that I can handle it if it ever comes again.

Circumstances provide opportunities that shape personality. Adversity has given me a tremendous value for life and a determination to not fail. I look forward to the academic challenge of pursuing my chosen career of orthodontics and putting a healthy smile on many faces.

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