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How to Start University of Toronto Essay Prompt: Expert Advice

Facts about the University of Toronto

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The University of Toronto is a public research university in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It was founded in 1827 as King’s College, the first institution of higher learning in the colony of Upper Canada. The university assumed the present name in 1850. It is comprised of twelve colleges and has two satellite campuses located in Scarborough and Mississauga. The University of Toronto has educated two Governors-General and four Prime Ministers of Canada, four foreign leaders, fourteen Justices of the Supreme Court, and has been affiliated with ten Nobel laureates.

University of Toronto Essay Prompt Tips

A University of Toronto essay prompt example is shown here:

“What has inspired you to pursue an engineering degree and why would you like to study at the University of Toronto? What skills have you developed through your extra-curricular experiences that will support your future success as both a student and an engineer?”

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Some tips to help you respond to the University of Toronto essay prompt are:

  • Answer the question – read the prompt completely and make sure you understand everything that is being asked. For the above prompt you know that the University Toronto essay should answer 1)why you are studying engineering, 2) why the University of Toronto and 3)what skills have you developed outside of school that will help you.
  • Use examples – provide examples to illustrate your points. It is more interesting and emphasizes the point better.
  • Research the college – learn about the school and its programs before applying. Include something in your essay that will indicate to the reader you took the time to research.
  • Be yourself – don’t write what you think admissions wants to hear. Write what you think, in the way you would normally speak it.
  • Avoid basic mistakes – the most common mistakes are using clichés and quotations, generalizing and not proofreading

The following is an example of a University of Toronto personal statement based on the prompt:

I am an ambitious and responsible high school student who wants to succeed in all aspects of life. I have a dream of owning a manufacturing company and leading it to success, while being a role model for others to look up to. I want to be able to make wise decisions in my workplace, as well as in managing my own life. With guidance of your university’s professors and educational staff, I will be introduced to the higher level of education that will help me succeed in the world of engineering.

When I was a child I was fascinated with the worlds of mathematics and science and their applications in the real world. My interest was probably due to the influence of my father. He is a mechanical engineer and when I asked questions always took the time to provide explanations on how things worked. He is one of the people who inspired me to continue in the two fields by taking me along with him in order to provide me with the chance to experience the world of engineering first hand. Having experienced it, I dedicated my last two school years to studying the sciences and mathematics with the future goal of applying to engineering, at the University Of Toronto. The University of Toronto is known as one of the best universities in Canada, and discussions with friends of my father who are engineers convinced me it was the best choice for me.

Mathematics has always been my favorite subject and the one I’m best at. I am able to calculate complex equations in my head and feel prepared for that aspect of the course. I have devoted more time to other sciences over the past year to bring them to the same level. I have observed that Engineering is a field that can be physically strenuous so I participate actively in basketball, baseball and hockey. I am no better than average but I enjoy it and it serves to prepare me to meet any physical demands in the Engineering field.

I believe I have prepared well and am ready for the next step which is to study for an Engineering degree at the University of Toronto.

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