Law School Statement of Purpose: General Guide

If you want to become an attorney, there are a few things you should make sure of. For example, writing a wonderful law school statement of purpose that makes every application reviewer astonished. However, writing a perfect law school SOP is not something easy to do, so it is important that you learn all about it before applying for a law school in any part of the world. You should find out, how to write it perfectly, UVA essay prompts are a good example for you.

As an obligatory requirement, there are certain things you need to know about a SOP, like how it is written, what it is intended for, what should be the content and who reads and eventually makes the decision of choosing the statement of purpose as a good one. There is a pretty good guide on all these subjects in the Purdue University Writing Lab article about the statement of purpose.

But for the most part, writing a perfect law school personal statement format will demand a lot more from the student than just knowing what a law school SOP is about. We recommend you to take a look further into this article and find out more about, with tips on how to write a perfect one and the best universities to apply for with a law school SOP.

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Top 8 Universities to Apply for a Law Program

If you want to become an attorney, there won’t be a better opportunity for you than those universities that offer the best programs for you to apply for. These universities are the most prestigious and demanding, plus offer the most professional education available in the world.

These universities are:

The Harvard University Law School is the most prestigious law school in the world. Graduates from this university have achieved much more professionalism and success than graduates from any other school in the world. However, getting accepted in this university is one of the hardest things to achieve.

The Harvard acceptance rate is only 5.3%, where around 5.000 are accepted from more than 100.000 applications are sent.

The faculty of law from the University of Oxford is the second most prestigious and high-quality education program for law students in the world. Students and graduates from this university hold the best professionalism and successful careers in the world. This happens because Oxford makes sure that the level of education is very demanding and top-notch quality.

The acceptance rate for Oxford Faculty of Law is 12%

In Cambridge Faculty of Law, there’s also a very prestigious and professional environment. Holding the best approval ratings among the top universities for law students, this institution is also one of the most prestigious in the world in other careers and programs. One of the best from England and the biggest when it comes to infrastructure, this university is one of the greatest.

The acceptance rate in the University Of Cambridge Faculty Of Law is 21%.

This university also holds a very high spot when it comes to prestige and high-quality education among the best in the world. With more than 2000 applicants for this law school, this university tends to only offer around 200 opportunities to the best students with a GPA above 3.50. Also, this university offers more than 12 different law specializations for those who want to get in a specific field.

The acceptance rate of Yale University Law School is 9.7%

This university offers the best opportunity for those who want to come abroad to study law. With a great acceptance rate and one of the more diverse campus in the world, this university holds the highest rank among the universities located in New York.

The acceptance rate of this university is 31.4%

This university offers the most innovative and professionally updated law program for students around the world. This university also achieves one of the highest rankings among top universities in the world for offering the opportunity to study to the most diverse quantity of students in the whole world. It also holds the highest amount of applications in US universities.

The acceptance rate of this university is 9.1%

Being another British university, the LSE Department of Law is one of the most prestigious and biggest universities to study law. However, it is also one of the most difficult universities to be accepted to, as it only offers around 150-200 student opportunities yearly. If you want to study in this university you will have to comply with a wonderful student history.

The acceptance rate of this university is around 7.2%

This university is not only one of the best in law education, it is also one of the best in general. Being the most prestigious university from Australia, this university offers one of the most professional and top-notch quality education when it comes to law programs. Graduates from this university can develop professional skills that are not offered in other universities, plus a really great sense of diversity can be enjoyed.

The acceptance rate of this Melbourne Law School is 20%

Choosing the Right University

If you want to eventually choose the university that best fits with your necessities and desires, you will have to look for that university that offers the best opportunity for you to develop your skills and eventually offer the best education and law program so you can learn more and become a better professional.

However, you need to remember that every university offers a different program for every field, even though they may be very similar, the subjects and content you will be seeing are very different from school to school. That’s why it is important to make a research about each program so you know what better suits with your necessities and skills.
Choosing the right university will always be a matter of luck and a lot of thinking, with more than 150 universities in the world that offer a great Law Program, there should be a lot of research and investigation before choosing at least 5 that offer the programs you’re looking for.Most people tend to send their application to the most prestigious universities without even caring about the acceptance rate or minimum requirements to be accepted. This is a fatal error, as it should be the first thing you take a look at before sending your application. This will tell you if there is a possibility of being accepted or if there’s none. But it`s always possible to try to get a scholarship,  and you will need to write statement of purpose for scholarship.

Also, it is important that you choose a university located in a country or place that offers the best opportunities for you. Depending on your ethnic background, religion, nationality and even your main language, you will have to choose for that university that complies with your necessities and offers the best opportunity for you.

So, all you have to do is to research and investigate well before choosing the university where you will be spending the next 3 or 5 years of your life studying. Choose wisely and follow the best recommendations from experts, professionals, family and colleagues.

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Guide on Writing Law School Personal Statement Format

If you want to be accepted in one of the previously mentioned universities, you will have to write a perfect personal statement. For this, you will need to take a good look at our Law School Statement of Purpose tips and follow them in order to achieve a better outcome and have a higher chance of being accepted with a perfect format and compelling SOP.

These tips are:

  • State your interests and motivations

There’s no better way to begin a statement of purpose than telling what your motivations and the things that make you wake up every day are. Also, it is important to tell what your future goals plus the things that most interest you and you are more drawn for so you can have a better opportunity.

  • Summarize your previous studies and achievements

It is also important that you tell the application reviewers what you’ve achieved in the past and how you think it can make you a better applicant for the student position you want. Especially when it comes to law school, admissions officials tend to be really rigorous on this point, looking for those that can eventually offer the best to the university due to their potential from previous achievements.

  • Talk about the program you want to apply for

If you are going to apply for the law program of a certain university, you will have to research first the opportunities and different schools that the university offers. Depending on the specific field you want to study at and the different subjects that are offered, mention what are your interests and what are the things that comply with your skills and experience.

  • Demonstrate your interest

Something that most admission officials are very interested in is the potential, competence, self-motivation and the enthusiasm a student shows in his statements. Even so, there is a preference for those students who are more positive and write in an active voice about the great things about the university and about themselves.

  • Be direct and concise

Even though it is important to show more than just telling something you talk about, there is a preference for those students who know how to be concise and direct about what they talk about. If you are going to talk about an experience or a previous story, avoid generalizing and letting things to subjectivity, explain everything and always make your point be easy to understand.

  • Link everything

Something important to take into account when writing a law school statement of purpose is to always be continuous and focused on the subject without going too much away from the point you want to make. Some students tend to talk about different things at the same time and thus get a little difficult to understand and sometimes lose some credibility.

The Perfect Law School SOP

To become an attorney, there is a demanding process to comply with. This process doesn’t only demand the applicant to write a proper Law School statement of Purpose but to research and investigate properly about every little fact and statistic about the school or program the students to want to apply for.

However, writing a law school sop can be very easy if you follow our recommendations and tips correctly. Even so, you are totally free of asking for our help and we will happily help you with our best law school personal statement tips to help you achieving a better outcome in your application.

If you’re having problems with writing a Law School Statement of Purpose don’t hesitate in contacting us and we will help you without any problem!