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Writing a SoP for Biotechnology

sop for biotechnology

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How important is your SoP for biotechnology?

Many applicants do not realize just how very important their SoP for biotechnology is when they make their application. Your statement of purpose is the only part of your extensive application within which you are able to actually sing your own praises and sell yourself to them as an excellent choice. Well written your SoP will be able to swing any decision in your favor. But being able to write a statement that is capable of getting their attention and persuading them of your value is tough. Our SoP help below however will assist you to write that perfect SoP.

How should you write that perfect SoP for biotechnology?

How you actually write your SoP is just as important as what you write. The committee will be reading potentially hundreds of statements and they are going to be switched off very quickly if your SoP contains the same clichés and other writing issues that they will see within many other SoPs. To avoid this you need to ensure that you spend a lot of time ensuring that it SoP template is written using the following tips and guidelines:

  • Find an opening hook to get their attention right from the start. This should be a personal anecdote if possible but a quotation or interesting fact will serve also.
  • Cover all of the things that the committee will expect to see from your Biotechnology SoP:
    • How did you become interested in biotechnology?
    • What have you done to follow your interest?
    • Where do you see your career in the next 5 or 10 years?
    • Why do you need to follow this program?
  • Ensure that your SoP reads like a story, it should flow logically through to the end.
  • Approach everything from a positive angle, you want to study biotechnology for a specific reason, not because you didn’t get the grades required for something else that you really wanted.
  • Your SoP is about you so do not write about other people, and always be honest with what you write.
  • Your SoP needs to be able to clearly communicate what you need to say, so do not use complicated words, acronyms or slang.
  • Humor should not be used, no matter how well you may think you can write some will see it as inappropriate in an SoP.
  • Be concise in your writing, your word count is limited so don’t use filler of any kind.
  • They want to hear your words so do not use clichés within your work.
  • Don’t make obvious statements or repeat information that is already included in other parts of your application.
  • Ensure that you very carefully proofread your work to eliminate any possibility of errors getting through.

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