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Berkeley PhD Statement of Purpose Tips Not to Miss

How Hard Is it to Write Your Cornell PhD Statement of Purpose?

Many of the top universities accept just a small fraction of those that apply. So you will have to overcome a huge amount of competition to be able to study for your PhD. Often many graduate students will apply to many different schools in the hope that they will eventually get into one. Many however are disappointed.

Your Berkeley PhD statement of purpose will often be the most important part of your application. You will have already gained your first and even your second degree and there will often be little to choose between you and many other applicants academically. Therefore how you present yourself internship statement of purpose can have a significant impact on your chances of being selected.

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How Should Your Berkeley PhD Statement of Purpose Be Structured?

No matter where you are applying there are usually just a few areas that they will be seeking to understand through your SoP. That being said it is always wise to fully review each program as to their specific expectations and guidance. Always follow what the university has to say as many will provide you with quite comprehensive instructions as to what is expected of you. Typically they will expect you to:

  • Show why you are interested in the specific field that you have chosen.
  • Demonstrate the steps that you have already taken in this area including past research endeavors and publications.
  • Give a clear indication of your proposed areas for future research.
  • Explain your future career goals and why you will need your PhD.
  • Show that you have the required skills and drive to complete your PhD successfully.

How Should You Write Your PhD Berkeley Statement of Purpose

It will not be enough to just cover what the program committee wants to see. Everyone else will do that also. You have to perform your writing in a way that is going to make you stand out. To achieve this you should:

  • Tell a story: you need to provide them with an anecdote which can be as simple as a success story of your past research and what it meant to you. A story gives them something solid to remember you by rather than a simple list of what you are good at.
  • Get their attention: your opening line is a vital part of your writing and must make then really want to know who you are and why they should be accepting you.
  • Show them: anyone can say that they have leadership and civil engagement skills if you want them to believe it however you need to show them with a clear example of how you used those skills. Demonstrate your professional excellence; don’t simply try to claim it.
  • Write in simple formal English: don’t try to be clever with your writing and certainly do not include acronyms, slang or business speak that the committee may not understand.
  • Edit and proofread everything that you write: you have one chance to make an impact with your SoP and you do not want that impression ruined by mistakes that you could have avoided.

berkeley phd statement of purpose

How to Write Your SoP for the Best Universities

Each university will have very different expectations from you with regards to your statement. The most effective statements will always be those that are specifically tailored to match the university program that you are applying to rather than being generic for all. The following provides you with rankings, acceptance rates and other information for some of the best graduate schools along with advice for their SoP writing:

Berkeley University

The Berkeley Graduate Division is ranked no.1 in the world by US news for graduate studies in chemistry, Psychology, Economics, computer science, English, ecology/evolutionary biology, and sociology. With another 12 subjects ranked in the top 10, Berkley is ranked overall as the 4th in the world. For the class of 2017/2018, there were 5,335 applicants to study for a PhD with just 897 gaining a place so just under 17%. Of those admitted, 32% were international students and 46% were women.

There are several scholarship programs that are available in Berkeley that you can apply for, such as the Markowski-Leach scholarships for LGBTQ students or the STEM AfterCollege scholarships for outstanding students. You can find a full list of grants on their Berkeley graduate division grants page.

For Berkeley admissions your Berkeley PhD statement of purpose should be between 500 and 1000 words in 12pt font and must:

  • Show everything from a very positive perspective and should be written in an active voice.
  • Clearly demonstrate your competence, self motivation and your overall potential as a PhD student.
  • Use examples not simply make unsupported statements of your skills and qualities.

Cornell University

Cornell University is ranked at 23rd in the world by US News and offers some of the best programs you will find for graduate studies in the following subject areas: Plant and Animal Science, Physics, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Economics and Business, and Agricultural Sciences. In the last year there were some 9,835 applicants of whom only 3,264 were enrolled. That is 33% of the applicants enrolled with 42% of those enrolled being women.

Cornell offers comprehensive scholarships and fellowships for many of its PhD students and more can be found on their Cornell scholarships page.

Your Cornell PhD statement of purpose should be written carefully between 1 and 2 pages in length. The following guidance is offered by the university for your writing:

  • Clearly show your reasons for undertaking graduate studies in your chosen field
  • Outline your personal academic interests
  • Show how your interests relate to your career goals
  • You must also carefully check the specific field that you are applying to as they may have specific prompts or requirements when writing your SoP.

UC San Diego

UC San Diego is ranked at 42nd in National Universities and is highly ranked for graduate programs in areas such as Biomedical Engineering, Neuroscience, Econometrics, public finance, New Media, Combinatorics, and international politics. Currently around just 36% of those applying to the graduate school are placed.

There are several fellowship and scholarship programs available for the university at graduate level including Competitive EDGE, SEED fellowship and the Cota Robles fellowship to name just a few. Some 60% of those studying receive some form of fellowship funding at UCSD.

Your UC san Diego PhD statement of purpose needs to be uploaded to their site in PDF format and can be no more than 2mb in size. The following expectations are detailed by UCSD:

  • Explain how you have prepared yourself for further studies in your chosen field.
  • Lay out your future goals; show short term what you hope to research within your PhD.
  • Show how you clearly match the expectations of the program that you are applying to.

Yale University

Yale University is currently ranked number 10 in the world as a place to study. Some of its highest ranked areas of study are Arts and Humanities, Clinical Medicine, Economics and Business, and Immunology. The university is home to some 6,859 graduate students and accepts less than 12% of those that apply each year. Yale has a huge amount of funding and almost every student has access to some form of scholarship or fellowship. Details for which are available under each of the different disciplines that you can apply for at the university.

Your PhD statement of purpose Yale needs to be outstanding if you are going to beat the odds and get selected. Each department offers their own advice and requirements for the statement of purpose. The general expectation of the university however is that your:

  • Introduction : should clearly show your passion for commitment for the field in which you are studying.
  • Main body: your past research and intellectual experiences, this is followed by your future research goals.
  • Conclusion: why you are the right person to select for studies in your field.

Harvard University

Harvard University accepts just 5% of those that apply making it one of the most selective Universities in the country. Which is hardly surprising as it is ranked as number 2 in the US. According to their own Harvard Crimson half of their PhD programs are ranked number 1 in the country. Certainly, their business school is ranked at number 1 in the country. Other areas that you may wish to study at the graduate level are Education, environmental law, medical research in pediatrics, Genetics, Microbiology, Geophysics, and economics.

The university like many others offers a full range of fellowships and scholarships such as the Gregory S.Baldwin fellowship and the UNIQLO Fellowship. Your specific field’s pages as well the main Harvard Scholarship opportunities pages should be checked for what is available to you.

Your Harvard PhD statement of purpose needs to be written with great care if you are to get your application noticed. The following pieces of advice are worth bearing in mind when writing yours:

  • Clearly show that the program is perfect match for your interests.
  • Show that you are mature, enthusiastic. motivated and are unique.
  • Clearly show your personal long term goals as well as your goals while in graduate school.


UCLA is currently ranked at 21st in the US and accepts around 6000 graduate students each year from over 21000 applicants which is just over 28%. Many of its PhD programs are regularly ranked in the top 10 in the country and you will benefit when studying any of the following, higher education administration, exectutive MBAs, Tax Law, Geriatrics, and organic chemistry.

There is a significant amount of funding available for students at PhD level through scholarships and fellowships. Programs such as their Rose and Sam Gilbert Fellowship and GOFP offer significant help to those studying within the various schools.

Your UCLA PhD statement of purpose must as they say in their own literature have that “wow” affect. You have to be able to get their attention and show them the scientist that you will become. The following tips are a few of the things that they suggest:

  • Don’t tell them, show them: they want to see what you have achieved through clear examples of your achievements.
  • Do your homework: mention specific people and departments and what they offer for you.
  • Be positive in all that you write: always avoid anything negative when writing your SoP.

Stanford University

Stanford University is almost certainly one of the most competitive places to get into with an overall acceptance rate of less than 5%. 38% of the just short of 8 thousand graduate students are female. It has many programs that are ranked in the top 5 such as Entrepreneurship, finance, education, Aerospace, Intellectual property law, and Biochemistry to name just a few.

Funding is quite generous, some 20% of their students gain doctoral funding through their Stanford Graduate Fellowship (SGF). There are also many other different fellowship programs in Stanford that you can investigate and apply to such as the Lemann Fellowship or the Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate fellowships.

Your Stanford PhD statement of purpose should be uploaded through their system and should be between 1 and 2 pages in length. While you should check with individual programs their general requirements are that your SoP should:

  • Explain why you applying to Stanford and this particular program.
  • Your preparation towards your studies through to now.
  • What your research interests are.
  • Your further career plans and personal background.

Brown University

Brown University is one of the top 100 schools in the world and is also highly selective when it comes to their PhD programs. Just 11.5% of those that apply for PhD places will be awarded one. It provides some 51 doctoral programs some which are very highly ranked such as: Development Economics, English, History, Math, and Computer science.

All incoming PhD students qualify for five years of graduate support. The University also encourages students to seek out any national awards that they may be eligible for and offer support in doing so.

The Brown phd statement of purpose is a requirement of your application. However each different program will have very specific requirements for how yours should be written. So it is important that you review the specific program and follow their requirements to the letter. The following is general guidance that should be followed:

  • Show your full commitment to the specific program that you hope to follow.
  • Give a clear understanding of where your research interests lay.
  • Show where your future career aspirations are.
  • Show why you have the skills to complete your research.

We Can Help to Write Your Harvard PhD Statement of Purpose

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