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Boston University Essay Prompt Writing Tips

Information about Boston University

boston university essay prompt

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boston university essay onlineBoston University is a private institution that was founded in 1839. There are over 18,100 undergraduate students currently enrolled at Boston University. Among U.S. schools, Boston University is tied for number 42 ranking overall. Boston University has almost 500 student clubs with active participation and it sponsors over 90 international study programs. The three most popular areas of study are Business Management, Social Sciences, and Communications, Journalism and related programs. Boston University alumni include Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., actress Geena Davis, television personality Bill O’Reilly, and radio host Howard Stern.

How to respond to the Boston University essay prompt

The Boston University essay prompt here is one of several applicants have to choose from. With the different prompts to choose from, applicants can write on just about anything.

“Recount an incident or time when you experienced failure. How did it affect you, and what lessons did you learn”

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Use the tips shown here to answer the Boston University essay prompt.

  • Think about what has already been included in your application. Write your essay to provide information you haven’t included. Don’t repeat things you have already said. Maybe there is something you would like to provide further information on, or new information you want to bring to admissions attention. This is your best chance.
  • Write something. Some applicants get hung up on what they should say. They don’t believe what they have is good enough so the keep trying to think of something better. Get something written even if you aren’t happy with it you have a starting point.
  • Don’t try and cover too big of a topic. Focus on one idea and develop that idea fully. It is much more effective than touching on 5 different ideas but providing no details.
  • Be specific. Provide examples to illustrate a point. If you make a statement, writing SoP or declare something is a certain way, give an example.
  • Revise and edit your Boston University personal statement. It is unlikely that any of the essays that make the best impressions were that good on the first draft. Even the best writers revise their work.

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An example of a Boston University Essay is provided here

Three years ago I with my family to Mexico to visit relatives. I was excited to see the sites, eat the unending food, and enjoy numerous family festivities. I had a great time. I was aware that the city was full of poor. But we were separate and I confess I didn’t give it much thought. It was something viewed at a distance and didn’t make much impression. Driving through the city one day we had to stop at a light and kids rushed the car with their hands out. I met the eyes of one kid with his hand out begging. He was skinny with eyes that appeared too big because his face was so thin. I just looked. After a minute the light changed and we went on our way. But that look stuck with me.

I became active in different charities when we went home. It wasn’t immediate. It built over a period of time until I spent almost all my free time involved in food drives and other charitable events. I started to get recognition for it. I am told how much good I’m doing and what a good person I am. I would like to be that person they talk about

I talk a good talk. I tell groups at fundraisers that witnessing such extreme poverty has been an eye opening experience for me, and that to help others is a moral obligation. I encourage them to contribute time and money and set an example. But the truth is I act out of guilt because I didn’t take a few seconds to put the car window down and give a hungry kid some money. I’m not helping mankind. I’m serving a form of penance.

I don’t know if I am a better person for it. But I would like to have a do over one day.

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