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Let us deal with writing a compelling and truthful explanation letter to IRS, strengthening your position for the Tax Office representatives!

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You can be sure that your explanation letter to IRS will be written precisely according to all the strict legal requirements. The format will be correct, all details will be accurate, and all writing references will be relevant and support your position.

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It seems your writing needs to be checked once more, doesn’t it? After getting the ultimate version of your order, you’re able to have your explanation letter to IRS corrected free of charge for 2 weeks following the deadline.

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Our conscientious specialists will do their best to write you the perfect explanation letter to IRS. We know that there are specific standards for such documents, but they must contain the client's required information.

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You can get a refund within 14 days of receiving the ordered explanation writing. We’re not scammers, and we don’t aim to hoodwink people! So, don't even be frightened that you'll be deluded with writing letter to the IRS.

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Teresa Mason

Teresa will help you writing an explanation docs in business, marketing management, and human resource development. She knows well how to present your explanations & arguments properly. Teresa also knows all the nuances of communication with the Tax Service and can help you write an explanation letter to IRS

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Anna specializes in writing explanation letter to IRS. Most customers say that cooperation with Anna is a real success: she examines your order meticulously by defining all the facts that may help you strengthen your explanations to win the case.

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All You Need to Know About Explanation Letter to IRS

An explanation letter to IRS is a complex and responsible writing piece in which it is easy to make mistakes, so very often, people have to write an explanation letter to the tax authorities explaining their failure. Please note that this is not just a letter, as you may face unpleasant consequences for your mistakes.

Therefore, to avoid any penalties, ensure you consider all details and additional materials you’ll need to write letter to IRS properly. You also need to know the structure of writing an explanation letter and the nuances of its design to be sure that you will be all right.

Writing an Explanation Letter – Who Needs It

If you need to explain to the IRS why there is unusual activity in your history, you can start writing an explanation letter in which you present your reasons and explanations in detail.

Depending on the number of violations and their seriousness, you will need to take a different context of explanation letter to IRS. We’ll talk about that later.


explanation letter to IRS sample

Quality Written Explanation Sample Letter to IRS

Let’s consider the structure of a compelling written explanation sample letter to IRS. We highly recommend you pay attention to these recommendations:

  1. If you disagree with an IRS report, take the time to sign it. Do not sign and return the report right away. Within 30 days of receiving the IRS explanation letter, you have the right to file a written protest and explain why you disagree with the IRS decision.
  2. Write an explanation letter without leaving out any necessary details. As with all essential explanation documents, it is crucial to write an explanation letter specifying all the details. It will help the IRS understand your situation and be more loyal. Explain why you disagree with the IRS tax audit results, but don’t forget about a professional tone.

So, your explanation letter to IRS should include the following writing items:

  • Name, address, and contact information of the taxpayer.
  • An explanation expressing your desire to appeal the IRS conclusions.
  • The tax period.
  • A list of the points you disagree with and your explanations.
  • Facts supporting your position.
  • Any law or authoritative document relevant to your explanation.

3. Go over each point and explain your disagreement, using facts and arguments to justify your position. When writing a letter to IRS, it is crucial to gain the trust of your explanations. Therefore, in the beginning, you can concede and agree on some issues. Then it is vital to highlight the controversial problems and support them with facts and explanations. Be as convincing as possible to increase your chances of success.

4. Keep your explanation letter to IRS short and straightforward so you don’t lose the IRS’s interest. Writing a detailed yet concise explanation document is crucial. Writing explanation letter to IRS with complete information can help the IRS assess the validity of your protest.

5. Present your explanations in a logical and readable way. To ensure that the IRS will quickly review your case, understand your reasons, and get into your position, you need to follow a structured, organized and logical writing explanation letter to IRS.

6. Tell the truth and only the truth when writing letter to IRS. State all the facts of your case in an explanation statement of penalties for perjury and specify that they are valid and accurate. Remember to sign the explanation document.

7. Proofread your explanation letter to IRS and make sure there are no mistakes and that you include all the details that can help you win your case.

When You’ll Write a Letter to IRS – What You Should Remember

The Internet is full of different explanation writing samples and tips on how to write a letter to IRS that will meet your requirements. So it seems a practical solution to use them as samples. However, a suitable written explanation sample letter to IRS is not enough to create your own. Although you can follow the writing structure we gave you earlier, it is very important to create a truthful explanation letter and clarify your reasons rather than copying others because that can only cause more trouble for you. It’ll make your IRS explanation letter writing more personalized and persuasive accordingly.

writing letter to IRS

Final Thoughts on IRS Explanation Letter

Thus, there are different situations when writing to the IRS is necessary. In each case, the outcome depends on the presentation of your reasons for requesting a cancellation of the tax in the IRS explanation letter. Consequently, it is preferable to have your reasons with written evidence and send the explanation letter to IRS to help your case in the best possible way. Ensure no other unusual activities are going on under your name. If so, be ready to clarify any doubts the officer may have about it.

Get Professional Help with Writing Letters to IRS

Writing letters to IRS is an easy task for our competent experts. Within our professional SoP writing service, they’ll do their best for your application documents. You can contact us anytime and get a ready-made explanation letter to IRS within the deadline! We guarantee a quality writing result according to your requirements. You will be also satisfied with additional benefits to writing such as free edits and unlimited revisions, money-back options, and a plagiarism-free letter to IRS.

We’re available 24/7 and ready to assist even with the most complicated writing letter to IRS. Great deal, isn’t it? So, feel free to get expert help with your explanation letter to IRS!