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Nursing Statement of Purpose Example: What Should It Include?


Nursing Statement of Purpose

The main task when writing a nursing personal statement is to figure out what exactly the nursing admissions board expects from you and write SoP that would meet their expectations, as well as demonstrate your best side.

Your nursing statement of purpose should address such questions:

  • Why do you want to pursue a nursing degree?
  • What makes you eligible for the nursing program?
  • How do you see your impact on the nursing field?

Any statement of purpose – both a nursing statement of purpose example and statement of purpose sociology – should distinguish you from the crowd of other applicants trying to comply with expectations but not reveal their personality. Of course, it could be risky, but hopefully, our experience lets us be sure we know how to win this admissions race.

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Ideas to Add to Your Statement of Purpose for Nursing School

Wondering how to write a statement of purpose for nursing school is a common story. Firstly, your statement of purpose should not tell your whole life story with your complete anamnesis included. However, it should reflect your thinking and purpose clearly. It indeed should be personal because the admission board is interested in you not only as a future nursing professional but a personality. And this would make you stand out among other statement of purpose nursing examples.


Therefore, there are certain blocks of information you should mention:

Education. Mention in the nursing statement of purpose you are interested in nursing sciences and have won some biology or chemistry competitions. Maybe you also have a certificate in first aid or have given first aid or looked after a sick relative or animal – all this is an invaluable experience worth mentioning in your nursing statement of purpose.
Work and volunteering. If you have performed activities related to nursing as a part of your volunteer work or an actual job – you should write down it in your statement of purpose. Highlight the experience you have gained in these positions and how that might be helpful in your education. A letter of recommendation from a past employer could also help your nursing purpose statement.

Skills. You should mention some nursing skills you possess that could be helpful for you as a professional – even some language knowledge could be beneficial to your nursing statement of purpose since nurses may also deal with foreigners.

Motivation. Of course, your reason for becoming a nurse should also be explained in your statement of purpose for nursing school. However, ensure it is not mundane as “I wanted to become a nurse since I was a kid.” Instead, think of a life situation or piece of news that could honestly explain your decision.

Impact. You should write in your nursing purpose statement about how you see your life in a few years – once you have completed your education and internship and have gained some actual nursing experience. How this could lead to you providing some innovations into the healthcare system or how you plan on further developing professionally – that is what is worth noting in the statement of purpose.

Common Statement of Purpose Nursing School Mistakes

Not taking your UCLA nursing statement of purpose seriously. Not joking.

Some people tend to get fixated on the number of documents required in the application and the deadlines of each stage, and not their nursing school statement of purpose. Consequently, they fail since their personal documents say nothing about their personality.

In reality, there are also other common mistakes that spoil the finished nursing statement of purpose:

  1. Starting the application with “I have always dreamed to become a nurse/ help people…” That is the exact sentence every second nursing statement of purpose has, and that is super boring and ordinary.
  2. Not using formal language style. Yes, this might seem not friendly enough, yet using the right format for statement of purpose underlines your professionalism, hugely necessary in nursing.
  3. Filling the purpose statement with info about your nursing study and work achievements only. Not mentioning your hobbies or other projects could make you sound like a robot. So while your nursing professional side does matter the most, don’t forget to show the admission board you are human via your purpose statement.

So, just keep in mind those points and check your paper for them after you have finished writing your statement of purpose nursing school of your choice would be impressed with the dedication you put into it.


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Still Unsure How to Write a Statement of Purpose For Nursing School?

Among all nursing school application requirements, candidates find a nursing statement of purpose the most challenging. Nevertheless, this is a great way the admissions can not only determine whether you are up to the job of a nurse eventually but also if your values and those of the school you are applying to align.

Also, a great nursing purpose statement is your chance to study in a dream place. So, to ensure your successful admission, contact our service and get assistance with your nursing or dentistry statement of purpose – we’ll help with any paper and tailor it specifically to your needs and your chosen school! You may be confident your statement of purpose nursing will follow all requirements for structure, formatting, and content. With such a statement of purpose UCLA nursing admissions committee will be astounded by the minor specifics of your paper, which reveal your best qualities.


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