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Science will usually never work out as intended, but it will teach you things every time. During my time working on osteoarthritis research, I have learned the most through my failures. It was through such a failure that my mentor and I stumbled upon the PF-Kb pathway that plays a vital role in the inflammation that drives arthritis. I understand that research takes patience, and above all, perseverance. Having collaborated with numerous researchers from the University of Rochester, I have seen firsthand the cutting-edge studies that happen there, and I feel like URoc’s program in Aging is exactly where I want to pursue my graduate studies.

Since high school, I have worked in various laboratories that all pointed me towards a career in arthritis research. I worked at the Food and Drug Administration for two years, testing NSAIDs for inflammatory side effects. Afterwards, I worked part-time at the National Institute of Aging as part of a team dedicated to observing the increase in cytokine activity in older cells. While attending the University of Miami, I worked with Dr. Nicholas Kidwell to elucidate the various molecules involved in the PF-Kb pathway. Although the PF-Kb pathway is essential to activating the immune response, there are many antagonists to the system that are not yet understood. In my graduate studies, I want to focus on these molecules: namely, how do they function, and how are they activated?

The Graduate Program in Aging Studies at the University of Rochester has a strong presence in the field of Arthritis studies. Researchers such as Dr. Noel Stein have already elucidated the mechanisms of enhanced cartilage breakdown, and many more are working tirelessly to induce anti-inflammatory responses. A PhD from the University of Rochester will provide me invaluable tools and knowledge to develop arthritis medications and vaccines, in the hopes that one day nobody will have to suffer from joint pain.

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