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Statement of Purpose for PhD: How to Succeed

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A statement of purpose for PhD is a writing statement most universities ask in order to know what the future goals a student has in his life are. Also, this kind of statement tries to get the student to tell the reason on why he chose to study at the university and why exactly he likes the career or degree he’s applying for. When it comes to PhD admissions, the importance of this statement is high. One of the most difficult things is to create a statement of purpose for MBA.

Whatever the career or degree the student is choosing, most universities that ask for this Statement of Purpose are very demanding and sometimes the best on every field on their campus. However, there are some rules and tips that can help anyone in search of a student admission in one of the best universities that ask for a Statement of Purpose PhD. So if you want to know more about the statement of purpose for cancer research or any other kind, what they should include, how long should a statement of purpose be for PhD, which universities are the best to apply and some tips about writing a proper statement of purpose – take a look further and find out! 

10 Most Popular PhD Admissions

Among the huge amount of PhD opportunities, there are in the world, some fields tend to get more students and more applications than others.

If you want to know which are these fields and careers, look at the following list:

Physical Therapy – Physiotherapist

This is one of the PhD degrees that a lot of people tend to choose due to the great amount of work and opportunities it offers in the world. Not only is it an international opportunity to excel because it can be practiced in almost every country in the world, but it offers one of the best pays among the careers in the field of medicine and such. The main focus of this PhD degree is to develop the necessary skills for professionals in the field to treat and cure most physical disabilities or recovering traumas. Even so, this is one of the best occupations as it can be practiced both in private and public sectors, plus it brings flexibility that not many careers bring as it can be practiced independently or as an organization.

Average Wage: $82.000 per year

Chemistry – Chemist

A PhD in Chemistry is a really common option for a lot of people in the world. It offers the opportunity to work in a huge amount of works and in almost every field of the market, from medicine to food and in the retailing industry. However, most students who choose this career are mostly drawn for job places like Analytical Chemists and Research Scientists working for the government or the medical industry. But the range of this PhD is far greater than that, some may even end up in forensic teams working for the police or even the FBI and such. But most people tend to drive to the pharmaceutical field.

Average Wage: $83.000 per year

Clinical Psychology – Psychologists and Psychiatrist

Clinical Psychology is one of the most common fields people with interest in the human mind tend to choose. Individuals who study in this field eventually develop great skills that help them in almost their entire life and can be practiced in every part of the world and have a job in almost every little space of the industry. Most students of this field graduate as Clinical Psychiatrists and Psychologists, that can work both in the field of medicine treating students or workers in different workplaces, schools, universities or just as a social worker. Others choose to work in the most rigorous places like jails or psychological clinics where the level of understanding and knowledge must be higher.

Average Wage: $69.000

Computer Science – Information Technology

Those who choose to study computer science are one of the PhD majors who will have the greater and wider range of work in the future. This happens because a PhD in computer science can vary from being just in the field of coding applications for smartphones or computers, to be able to code difficult applications for rockets in the NASA or for robots with special capabilities. Information technology statement of purpose has a lot different from others, you should find out, what exactly. But this depends, most students of this field end up working for companies as Computer assistants who are mostly used to repair and eventually create systems and entire interconnected webs and channels on a company using software and hardware.

Average Wage: $74.000

Communication and Networks – Engineers

Those who choose to study a PhD in engineering, especially those who tend to go for the field of communication and networks, are the people who are in charge of most communications between and among all people around the world. Communication systems, networks, internet, and telephone netting are mostly handled by these experts, like radio, satellite communication and more.

Average Wage: $70.000

Electronics and Electrical – Engineers

Those who choose the fields of electronics and electrical engineering for their PhD are those who are mostly interested in creating new products for the world to use in their everyday life. These experts end up in the working fields of robotics, nanotechnologists, computer engineering, and hardware creation. Among the youngest millionaires in the world, around 20% of them have gotten a PhD degree in a field that has something to do with electronics and electrical engineering.

Average Wage: $75.000

Physics – Engineers

Engineering is maybe the widest of opportunities for people in the world, especially because it offers the chance to work internationally in almost every country without any problem. However, there are some specific fields in engineering that demand more and can vary from country to country as they can be more specific than others depending on their specialization. The best thing about this field is that they have one of the widest ranges to work on, being able to work as optical engineers, laser engineers, design engineers, accelerator operators, manufacturing designers, performance and efficiency chiefs, plus many other work opportunities in the whole world.

Average Wage: $95.000

Languages – Translators, Writers, and Teachers

There are a lot of people who are choosing to study a PhD in languages, this kind of PhD gives graduates the opportunity to work on different levels and different fields depending on their specializations. There are some who choose to work in the medical field, others choose law and others choose to work in the travel field as translators or just general as teachers. The most commonly used for this kind of PhD is to work at a collegiate level as professors, but there some of these graduates who eventually end up in the political field working as ambassadors and such, depending on their specialization.

Average Wage: $60.000

Business and Administration – Finance, Marketing, and Economics Specialists

These professionals are the ones who may charge more than any other specialist on this list. Business graduates tend to choose careers that will give them jobs in big corporate opportunities at companies or industries of any field, working as advisors, finance experts or just as marketing specialists that are in charge of selling and making product or services appealable for the public.

Average Wage: $100.000

Medicine –Health Specialists and Bioengineering

Even though medicine is mostly known for being one of the hardest careers to choose in the world because it is one of the most demanding among the huge amount of opportunities, it also offers one of the widest ranges of specializations in its own field. However, the most common are health specialists on a certain part of the body, from ophthalmologists to audiology and dentists. On the other hand, there are some that prefer choosing bioengineering and health research programs that make them professionals that study specific diseases or create different pharmaceuticals. PhD admissions for this field are the most difficult to get a place to.

Average Wage: $120.000

Top 6 of Universities to Apply for a PhD

Depending on the kind of career and specialization you prefer, there are some universities that will fit you better than others.

If you want to know which are the 6 best and what are the specialization they excel on – take a look at this list:

  • The University of Pennsylvania. This university offers the best PhD programs for business and administration specialists. Those who are drawn by careers in these fields should take a look at the wonderful opportunities this university offers for graduates.
  • Stanford University. Stanford University is maybe the best of all universities in the US when it comes to educating the best teachers and professors. This college offers the best careers for education in almost every field of study, from languages to top-notch college mathematicians.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology. For those who prefer the field of robotics, computer science, electronics, engineering, and information technology, there’s no better option than MIT. This university offers the best programs and the most demanding careers in these fields.
  • Harvard University. Want to be a professional lawyer with a PhD in fields like politics, medicine, criminal justice or just any other special field? Well, Harvard University offers the best PhD programs in these different fields, with the most prestigious and professional demanding profiles in the world.
  • The University of Washington. If you are, on the other hand, a person who is more drawn by the field of medicine, the University of Washington will offer the best opportunities for you. From PhD programs that go from fields like psychology to neurology, this university offers the widest range of programs for medical students.
  • Yale University. In Yale, most students will be able to get a PhD in the most prestigious and demanding programs in the field of nursing. This university that also offers great opportunities in very different fields is the most professional when it comes to nursing and fields alike.

General Requirements for a PhD Statement of Purpose

If you want to apply to one of these universities, you will need to send a statement of purpose for PhD.

However, for a statement of purpose you will need to also comply with other requirements that are almost obligatory like:

  • GRE Scores
  • GMAT Tests
  • English Proficiency Tests like IELTS and TOEFL.
  • Academic Reports and Transcripts.

How a Statement of Purpose for PhD Differs from Other Statements

A statement of purpose for PhD differs from a personal statement, for example, due to the complexity of the content that should be written inside this paper. Whereas a personal statement would include personal information and stories about the student or applicant, a statement of purpose would preferably write about the reasons and purposes for choosing the career or PhD and why exactly he expects from his future.

Also, a personal statement focuses on the skills and past experiences of the applicant, but a statement of purpose focuses on the reasons and almost everything related to the program of choice.

A Statement of purpose tends to be shorter than a personal statement and much more concise and direct. However, some people prefer writing a larger and less direct statement of purpose for PhD due to the great amount of information that can be included in it.

statement of purpose for phd tips

Tips on Writing a Statement of Purpose for PhD

If you want to write the perfect sample statement of purpose for graduate school and succeed in being accepted, you will have to learn how to exactly match everything admission officers are looking for.

If you want to have more opportunities when applying, take into account the following tips:

  • Write stories and be compelling. Don’t state how good you were in high school or college before if you are not going to make a point or tell a good story about it. It is better if you choose to write only compelling stories that will make application officers feel more connected with your story as a student than just writing something out of egotism.
  • Be specific about everything you talk about in your statement of purpose. Don’t generalize too much as this can be difficult for admission officers to find out the exact thing you’re trying to say. If you are going to talk about a past experience, avoid being hard-to-understand and explain everything with details.
  • Be formal but conversational in your style of writing. Even though many admission officers like people who can write professionally and in a formal way, if you choose to make compelling statements and write appealable sentences that will make everyone connect with your stories, you will have much more opportunities to get accepted.
  • In the end, just proofread, edit and make other people take a look at your statement. If you want to have success and be accepted, there’s no better option than making other people read your statement and give their opinions, especially when it comes to professors or other professionals, colleagues or family in the field you’re applying for.

You will need to exhibit high caliber writing when it comes to your PhD statement of purpose if you expect your application to get noticed among the crowd. Educational institutions that are offering PhD programs are searching for the best candidates to join their program and unless you give them reason to believe that you are the perfect candidate through your statement of purpose, whether you need statement of purpose for management or any other one, no matter how impressive your background is, you might not get noticed at all.

Writing a statement of purpose physics is piece of cake with these tips. Take a look now!

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