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Top Tips On Princeton Essay Prompts Writing

Some information about Princeton

Princeton University is a private institution that was founded in 1746. It is located in Princeton, New Jersey. There are currently about 7300 undergraduate students enrolled at Princeton. It had an acceptance rate of 7.4 % during the last admitting period. Princeton University is ranked number 1 of the top schools in the United States. Some of the notable alumni of Princeton University include former U.S. president Woodrow Wilson, actress Brooke Shields, and first lady Michelle Obama.

princeton essay prompts

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Responding to Princeton essay prompts

A Princeton essay for application may be written from Common Application prompts or from additional supplemental essay prompts that Princeton provides. The following is a prompt chosen from Princeton essay prompts:

“Evaluate a significant experience, achievement, risk you have taken, or ethical dilemma you have faced and its impact on you”

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The following are tips that can be useful when responding to Princeton essay prompts:

  • Be sure that you answer the question. Read the prompt carefully to be sure that you thoroughly understand what is that you are supposed to be responding to.
  • Be personable and be specific. Don’t write a generic essay that looks like the same essay everybody wrote. Use specific examples from your life that support what you say. Make your essay unique.
  • Use anecdotes. A good story will always get the interest of the readers. It will also be remembered much longer than an essay that just lists a bunch of facts.
  • Don’t repeat information you’ve already provided. Consider the other information that you have supplied and what information that you would like Princeton to know that you haven’t already given. Use your essay to provide that information rather than repeating what they already know.
  • Make sure that your essay is well organized. Structure your essay a logical manner. Avoid rambling. Outlining your essay first to organize your information how you would like to present it.

The following is an example of a Princeton application essay:

During a game of hide-and-seek, the hiding spot I had in mind was taken by a girl named Mary. There was room for two and if we were quiet, no one would find us, so there we both remained. We struck up a whispered conversation and emerged from our hidden alcove as fast friends. In the five years since then, Mary has become my best friend.

Last spring an experience threatened our relationship. Our orchestra was preparing for the most prominent performance of the year, and one of the soloists had to quit. Although Mary was listed as the understudy, the director requested that I learn the part as well. Although I was better suited to play the solo I didn’t want to admit it. I still hoped that my best friend would be selected, so I held myself back, aiming to avoid the conductor’s notice.

During this time, Mary became distant. Eventually, though, she came to me and said she knew I deserved the part. She told me it was time to stop hiding. I then realized that holding back was an insult to us both. I had to be true to myself; it was the best way to respect Mary, the conductor, the orchestra, and myself. From then on, I worked harder than I ever had before. A week before the performance, the conductor told me the solo was mine. On the day of the show, I stepped on stage and gave everything I had.

I am proud of my performance that day. Mary said she was proud of me, too; she even apologized for her cold disposition. This expression of forgiveness made me understand the true depth and value of the friend I made all those years ago while playing hide-and-seek—the one who helped me understand when the time for hiding had passed, and when the time to seek my full potential had come.

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