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Personal Statement for Internship – Your Ticket to the Successful Career

What is a statement of purpose internship? The SoP for internship illustrates or describes your thoughts and the professional you will become and grow to be. The statement of interest internship can help you convince the committee to invite you for an interview. But before you can do it, you must convince yourself first. Be certain about “what you want, why that program fits your goals and why you want to become an intern in that company/school/organization.”

Highlight why the school must choose you over other candidates or applicants. Thus, you should know your strengths and weaknesses. Reflect on your personal and intellectual development over the years and consider which experience to write in the SoP for internship application.
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10 Internship Opportunities

  1. World Bank. The organization is always on the lookout for aspiring candidates. They must be enrolled in a full-time graduate program or pursuing a master’s degree or a PhD. They must also have plans of going back to studying full-time after the internship. Students must also have an undergraduate degree. Applicants must be fluent in English. The organization is looking for applicants in economics, human development, and finance. Summer internships are from June to September, with the application from December and January, while winter internships accept applications from October 1-31.
  2. CIA. They offer employment to students all year round, not only in summer. However, students must submit their applications at least nine months before their desired date of start. The internship opportunities for college students will open in January 2019. Applicants that submit their applications before May 1 next year have higher chances of being accepted.
  3. Microsoft. They are offering IT internship opportunities to students looking to be exposed to research and technology. They are looking for applicants in the North American Region for the Knowledge Technologies Group. Applicants must contact ktg-jobs@microsoft.com and submit their resume for internships in research and design and development. PhD research interns looking for higher chances of being accepted must submit their applications for summer 2019 early.
  4. Brag USA. You may want to try applying for one of the paid internship opportunities or this opportunity open for candidates that have finished their junior or sophomore or seniors who will be graduating in the fall during the year of their internship. You should have GPA 3.0 minimum. In order to apply, you should fill up the online form, but make sure that you check it for any entry mistakes prior to submission.
  5. Barclays. You can apply online and submit it for possible inclusion in the internship program if you meet their requirements. They offer a wide range of opportunities that will help students explore their path. The application process varies based on the position for which you’re applying. Typically, the pre MBA internship opportunities will ask for your education, contact details, and work record or experience. You will also be asked to send a CV.
  6. PENN State College of Earth and Mineral Sciences. There are many opportunities waiting for applicants for the NGA 2019. The university offers job openings for institutions that they have a relationship with. Early applications should be done from June 1st to August 1st. The applicants must submit a completed packet to studentprograms@nga.mil. If you were not selected in the early application, you must apply again for the general population application available from August 1st to October 1st. Requirements include a resume, referral form, unofficial transcripts.
  7. Facebook. The giant is always looking for students who want to work with and for them as interns. One of those they are looking for now is a Front End Engineer, Intern/Co-op. They are looking for applicants with ability in writing high performance and reusable codes for UI components. They must also be aware of MooTools and Prototype JS. Student applicants must also be enrolled in a full-time degree, and they are planning to go back to the program when done with the internship.
  8. NASA. The summer session is an opportunity lasting from eight to 10 weeks. This internship usually starts late May or early June and then end in the early August. The organization is accepting interns all year long. College interns should have a minimum of 3.0 and 4.0 GPA or higher. While they accept a wide range of applicants from different disciplines, those individual internships also require specific fields or disciplines. These pre MBA internship opportunities are available for students in secondary to graduate schools. Graduate level applicants must be currently enrolled in accredited programs.
  9. BNPPARIBAS. Applicants who are the first year in an MBA program or junior undergraduate students can apply for their summer internship located in New York. It is a 10-week program to help interns expose themselves to the world of finance and business. They offer internship across many parts of their N. America businesses. You are going to be matched according to the needs of the business along with your experiences and skills. To apply, you must have a record of academic achievement, strong analytical skills, dynamic, critical and quick thinker, with strong communication skills and attention to details.
  10. Bank of America. For the associate level, applicants must submit their applications with their attached cover letter and resume in one document. They must also apply under your school’s name. There is no online assessment needed. For applicants in Canada, know that the process is happening from November to January for the summer internship recruitment and from August to September for full-time positions.

There you have the list of the best year-round or summer internship opportunities available to help you gain real world and business experience so that you can finally use what you know and learned when you become a certified professional in your field. In many cases, you need to submit a statement of purpose for internship to apply. If you need help, don’t think twice about getting it from our services. Don’t miss out on the best internship opportunities of the upcoming year!
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Why Do You Need to Use Our Statement of Purpose Internship Writers?

When applying for internship, among other things, you’ll be asked to create a personal statement, sharing your views and experience. Writing a personal statement for internship is not an easy process, but one that will need to be written if you want to get onto your chosen program. It’s also not something that you can spend only a short time writing as the standard of writing for your personal statement will need to be very high. Your future school admissions committee will want to read an internship statement of purpose that will make you stand out from the crowd and that you either meet or are above their expectations. This is why many students are now turning to use our internship application services so that we can help you to achieve this.]

Our Internship Personal Statement Writers Are Qualified to Help You

With the boom of internet companies now offering a whole range of writing services, it is difficult to know which one to choose or whether they will simply provide a badly written and poorly formatted personal statement. Our SoP writing service knows that writing a SoP needs to be done in a professional and engaging manner that will surpass the standards set by the admissions committee and will select a writer who:

  •  a native English speaker and writer
  • Has a full understanding of the whole application processes
  • Holds an academic degree in your target subject field
  • Is highly experienced with many years of writing a SoP for summer internship

We will provide you with such services:

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Our Internship Personal Statement Will Work Closely with You

Whilst many people believe that it’s a very simple process to write your own personal statement for internship, we know how difficult it can be. There are many templates and samples available out there available for use, but your personal statement needs to be individually written and aimed at you. Simply copy and pasting from a sample will not do this for you. Our SoP writing service will select a writer who will work closely with you to gather all the information they will need to carefully write your internship personal statement so that it gives you the best chance in getting the placement you want. Once finished, you will be supplied a copy of the personal statement to review and make any changes or suggestions before the finished statement is given to you.

statement of purpose for internship writing online

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By hiring our professional SoP writers you will receive the best available help. We believe we can give you the best personal statement for internship that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else, in fact, we guarantee you won’t find a better service. We will provide you with:

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