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Writing Academic Letter of Recommendation

An academic letter of recommendation highlights the most important points in any student’s academic career. It also reinforces or supports the good qualities that are needed to perform research and doing job etc. An academic recommendation letter is written by professors for their students. This letter is furnished at many places and situations like while applying for a job or while applying for higher studies. Students are sometimes required to provide academic letters of recommendation when applying to a different college or university for any professional or full-time course.

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An academic letter of recommendation is a professional proof or personal account of the desirable and preferred professional qualities in a student. Writing an academic letter of recommendation requires following the academic letter of recommendation format properly. Usually written by a senior professor or departmental head, this academic recommendation letter covers each and every academic quality of the student. The recommendation letter is significant as it is written and signed by the professor himself. Some universities have already prepared an academic letter of recommendation format which is customized as per the requirement and is provided to students. These letters only add the name, class, contact details, and qualification of the student. All other details are a part of the sample recommendation letter. Professors also prefer to write a letter of recommendation academic for some meritorious students. There are many styles in which academic letter of recommendation can be written but it varies from person to person. Follow tips provided by experts from statement of purpose writing services and you will get a better grasp of writing your academic letter of recommendation!

Academic Letter of Recommendation to Verify Academic Credentials

Writing an academic letter of recommendation is worth as it is verification of a student’s academic credentials. After getting an academic recommendation letter, any student can apply for internship, jobs and even enroll for higher studies in other university or professional education courses. A professor can write about the knowledge level, expertise in a specific subject, approach towards learning, helping others, and approach towards the academic course in an academic recommendation letter. Professors usually follow a prescribed format and simple language but some of them write unique academic letters of recommendation for their favorite students. The unique letters look more effective. But for bulk use, professionally created academic letter of recommendation format is utilized. An academic letter of recommendation can help any student in getting the right educational and career opportunity.

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What Tips Should Be Followed While Writing an Academic Reference Letter

The person recommending an individual should be positive and honest. The tone of writing should be highly professional. The first time, whenever the name of the candidate is called, it should be called by full name and subsequently the person should be addressed with last name only. It maintains the formal tone consistently. Type the recommendation letter instead of using a pen. If you asked to write a reference letter for someone, follow these tips:

  • When you begin writing confirm its purpose if its purpose is to apply for an academic post, volunteer position, a job, background checking or a personal reference. For instance, if the purpose is an admission, it should mention grades and the character of the candidate.
  • Tailor your letter based on the position of the job. Get the copy of job description and do it thereby.
  • Talk to the person you are recommending and spend some time discussing his goals, current resume, any special notes or any other information that can be noted. Be precise and specific about your writing and never risk your own reputation while recommending anybody else. Do not hesitate to refuse writing letter of recommendation for a person whom you do not know.
  • Be professional and write a formal letter.
  • Provide general details about yourself (qualification etc) followed by how you know that particular person. Mention your position if you were his peer or the boss.
  • Mention candidate’s qualification specifically and cite his personal attributes as well.
  • Describe your reason for the recommendation and make a comparative study. Keep the candidate’s perspective into notice and then write the letter.
  • For instance, mention something like -“I highly recommend this candidate for Y position as his cooperation is beyond comparisons and has made our existing company touch sky scrapping heights”.
  • Create a balance while highlighting his skills. Do not either hide it or exaggerate it, otherwise, the new company will set high expectations in the future.
  • Begin every new paragraph with a punchy and energetic note of the relevant candidate’s attributes.
  • Reiterate with a positive closing and mention your phone number and email address.

Ensure that you do not mention any of the candidate’s weaknesses. Do not say which can bring defame to him. Avoid any jokes, slangs or casual language that can harm his future prospects. Avoid any sort of personal information that is irrelevant in terms of the application. Never mention political stance, marital status, nationality, race, age, health issues etc. Ensure that you revise your letter patiently and there are no spelling mistakes, sloppy piece of writing and it looks highly professional.

About Format to Use When Writing Academic Letters of Reference

An academic reference letter may include employees tasks performed in his educational institute, duration of his studies, his position, knowledge, intelligence and creativity employed to accomplish the task. His additional qualifications such as learning of foreign languages, other areas of dexterity, social attitude, reasons of termination and some special texts as a part of additional recommendation can also be mentioned. Though there is a fair difference in every piece of academic reference writing the basic format is more or less the same:

  • Begin your piece of writing in a business letter format. Write down the recipient’s details such as name and address if available. Subsequently, write Dear (name) followed by “To Whom It May Concern”.
  • Introduce yourself in a sentence or two explaining your designation and the present relationship with the candidate.
  • The subsequent paragraph would supply candidate’s exceptional facts that candidate is equipped with. You should mention candidate’s designation and responsibilities held in the educational institute, his last drawn salary (if apprentice), duration and his academic grades.
  • In the next paragraph, you can be judgemental about candidate’s proficiencies and traits. Mention positive note like his tenure has been marvelous in the institute. You can also state any remarkable quality that candidate sells out.
  • The fourth paragraph should outline some concrete examples where the candidate has excelled in. Ask the candidate if anything additional needs to be mentioned that is out of your notice.
  • Seal your academic reference letter on a positive note. Also, state your address of correspondence.
  • End appropriately with notes such as “Yours sincerely” or Yours Faithfully”. This conventional mode of writing is a must to be followed the practice and you should adhere to it.

An academic letter of reference is a significant tool that supports your code of conduct along with the grade. Hence writing it in an exceptionally proper format is a must to be followed the practice. Refer as many examples on the web and continue with your writing. We are ready in your assistance working 24x 7 to solve all your queries!

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What to Avoid While Writing an Academic Recommendation Letter

Decide if the copy of the letter needs to be provided to the candidate. Do not make excessive flattering notes as otherwise it would be disregarded by recruiters.  Furthermore, a letter of academic recommendation should primarily focus on an individual’s skills, knowledge and capabilities and not on excessive obsequious notes. To know more about how to write an academic reference letter visit our site. Simply follow these tips and make a great piece of reference academic writing. Furthermore, in case of any doubts contact us and our highly professional members would assist you in facilitating you in all your pieces of writing.

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