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Physics Statement of Purpose: Best Advice

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Tips and Suggestions for Writing the Physics Statement of Purpose

The physics statement of purpose is an important part of the application package when applying to a physics program. It can be the deciding factor as to whether or not you are accepted into the program. Looking for the easy way of crafting UVA essays? Ask our writers! The following are some tips for writing the statement of purpose physics program applicants should keep in mind:

  • Be specific and use examples: Generic statements that could apply to anybody isn’t what admissions wants to see. Give specifics when you write your personal statement and use examples to back up what you say. Examples serve as evidence to support your statements.
  • Be interesting: Use an anecdote to get the reader interested. An interesting statement of purpose stands out and will be remembered. Boring statements tend to be forgotten as soon as they are set aside.
  • Tell what you know: Give information and details about your interest and experience in the field of physics, as well as some of your knowledge of the field. Refer to things such as experiences, classes, conversations with people in the field and books you have read.The information here should be things that aren’t found in other parts of the application package.
  • Revise and proofread: First drafts can just about always be improved on. It may take several revisions until you get it just right. Eliminate any spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. A statement of purpose full of mistakes will attract the wrong kind of attention.

Mistakes to Avoid When Writing the Physics Statement of Purpose

It is as important not to do something wrong as it is to do things right when you work on your SOP. Physics program applicants should watch out for the following common mistakes:

  • Discussing your disadvantaged background: Don’t make your statement of purpose a sob story that focuses on how hard you have had it. Admissions personnel have heard plenty of them, and somebody is always worse off. One exception might be if you have a compelling and unique story that relates to physics.
  • Using clichés or quotations: Use your own words in the statement of purpose. Avoid over used openings and conclusions.
  • Making your SOP a list: Reading a long list of accomplishments is boring regardless of how impressive they may be. Convey the information through a story. A boring statement of purpose is easily forgotten.
  • Using long, complicated sentences: Many applicants will use long sentences that are unnecessarily wordy, either to try and impress or as filler. Be concise when writing your statement of purpose.

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