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Successful University Of Florida Essay Prompt Writing

Facts about the University of Florida

university of florida essay prompt

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University of Florida is a public institution founded in 1853 and is located in Gainesville Florida. Currently, undergraduate enrollment at the University of Florida is over 33,000 undergraduate students. Nationally it is ranked 48th among colleges and universities in the U.S. There are well regarded graduate programs including the engineering school, Hough Graduate School of Business, Levin College of Law and the College of Medicine. Home repair television personality Bob Vila, Heisman Trophy winner Steve Spurrier, and former U.S. Sens. Bob Graham and Connie Mack are some famous graduates of the University of Florida.

University of Florida essay prompt

The written response to the University of Florida prompt for application essays should be 500 words or less. The University of Florida essay prompt is as follows:

  • Prompt: How will your undergraduate experience at the University of Florida prepare you to live “the good life”?

Some tips on how to respond to the University of Florida essay prompt include the following:

  • Make sure that you answer the question. It seems obvious but many students get sidetracked and never get around to actually providing an answer to the question that was asked.
  • Focus on one thing. Don’t try and cover many different ideas in the essay or in the SoP writing online. Choose the one you feel is the best and focus on that particular one. One thing covered well and in detail is better than five things that are just touched on.
  • Keep it about you. Although the question is asking about how your experience as an undergraduate at the University of Florida will affect you, they don’t want to know about the University of Florida. They want to know about you.
  • Avoid all of the standard common mistakes. Don’t use clichés, quotes or generalities. Don’t just make a laundry list of things or repeat what’s on your resume and don’t plagiarize.
  • Edit, proofread, edit some more and proofread again. Keep working on it until you can’t make it any better.
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The following is an example of a University of Florida personal statement written in response to the prompt:

Many people in people in our society think of “the good life”, in terms of money and material things. My parents would argue constantly over financial matters when I was a child, and the conflict never seemed to stop. I know one fact for certain. That is that money does not by you happiness. On the only vacation my family took, we visited Mexico. I spent the whole trip with local children. Even though the people there were not as fortunate as my family, they seemed a lot happier. When I brought my soccer ball out to play, kids with giant grins swarmed around. I felt then that maybe money desensitizes people from what is good in life.

For me to live “the good life”, I simply wish to live life. Less than a year ago, my sister had a seizure. The first time someone experiences a seizure is terrifying. I had no idea what I could possibly do to help. When she stopped, she was just laying there, staring past me and not at me. Then, her eyes started to move and she slowly regained consciousness. I realized then how delicate life is. From that day on, I knew that living was “the good life”.

That is why my undergraduate experience at the University of Florida will not prepare me for the “good life”, since I am already living it. But, this university can prepare me for a “fuller life”. As immigrants my parents and other family members spent a lot of time trying come to the United States. Their main focus was work, and they did not get the opportunities I have today. By going to this university, I will be among the first in my family to go college. This university will prepare me for the “fuller life” because I will study something that interests me and benefit from the hardships my parents went through for me.

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