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Internship Do’s and Don’ts: 14 Professional Tips

Do you want to know about internship do’s and don’ts? That’s a great decision! Learning about the things to do and things to avoid during this exciting time of your academic career will help you to have the most pleasant experience (not to mention, staffs working in the company would have a great time being around or working with you). Check out the following for professional tips on the general application process and writing a personal statement for internship.

internship do's and don'ts


Internship Do’s and Don’ts


  • Complete it during the college career. You may even want to do multiple internships for an idea on the things you might be doing in your career.
  • Have a polished resume. It must be reviewed by your school’s career center, peers and maybe some editors.
  • Join mock interviews that will help in refining your skills. There are many career centers that are offering the type of service for free.
  • Write a thank you letter to the people who have assisted and interviewed you. A thank you letter will help you stand out among other applicants.
  • Set specific goals to know what you want to accomplish in life and career.
  • Know that you’re having an internship in a professional setting. You will be treated like one of the professionals working there, so act professionally throughout the internship duration.
  • Write, polish and submit a cover letter with your resume because many employers won’t review your internship application if you send it without a cover letter.


  • Do not pass on the opportunity for experience beyond the internship scope, as it’s better to be proactive and go beyond what you should do.
  • Do not be afraid in asking questions when you think things aren’t clear. You must be open to learning new techniques and skills.
  • Do not burn bridges, as contacts might be in handy soon.
  • Do not give up and try to find an internship – and exhaust all your leads.
  • Do not overstep any limits, but always remember that you’re having an internship, and your main goal must be goal is to provide value while learning skills needed.
  • Do not be afraid to stand out and shine.
  • Do not be scared to take advantage of the benefits that your career center offers.

Important Factors for Getting Internship

  • Interview performance
  • Relevant experience
  • Strong CV and cover letter
  • Academic performance
  • References
  • Attendance at preferred schools

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