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Every endeavor has the procedures for getting it done, so does the statement of purpose format for MBA help to guide aspiring undergraduates and postgraduate students in meeting the requirements for a course in business management. The statement of purpose MBA helps the admissions seeker state what his or her career goal is and why they have chosen this institution as a basis for achieving the business management dream. Therefore, let’s discover some of the rudiments and statement of purpose format for MBA as well as sample SoP for MBA.

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Tips for Writing an MBA Statement of Purpose

Here are some great tips that you can incorporate when writing your MBA statement of purpose

  • Write a compelling story, not just a statement. Try to make your statement into a story rather than just making it as plain and as straightforward as possible.
  • Make your stories quantifiable. As much as you are writing a thesis about yourself, your SoP should not sound like a thesis. On the other hand, your SoP should serve to provide the best information about you. That being said, when writing a compelling story about yourself, it should not only be qualitative, but quantitative as well. There should be a credible timeline in place when discussing your life story.
  • Make your essay customizable. The biggest issue that quite a number of students make is writing an essay that is basically a template of another essay they found online. Unfortunately, most recruiters can see right through this and will assume your template right away. That being said, you should make your statement of purpose as unique as possible.
  • Demonstrate competence. You need to demonstrate to the Admissions committee that you have read, understood and can follow direction with writing an effective statement of purpose MBA. And you can achieve that through originality and a natural flair for writing. Write stories in a formal but conversational pattern, not statements.
  • Write with the institution in mind. When you use a good statement of purpose format for MBA and present a unique SoP the committee can tell. But you can only achieve that when you write with the audience in mind. Avoid being insincere as the AdComm. can spot your lies afar off haven done this for years now. But if you display genuineness, excitement, and interest in the institution and career goals it can get them excited.
  • Always create a format or outline for your work before commencing. Having a draft helps you outline all the salient points you intend to touch before you commence the statement of purpose MBA. Put down rough ideas during your brainstorming sessions and early enough. Do a first draft, second and third draft. After each draft review what you have written to see how much it conforms to the requirements or where you omitted any vital information, highlights those points for correction in the next draft. Make those corrections in the next till final draft, edit, proofread and then format for submission.
  • Be organized. One of the best statement of purpose format for MBA would be to write in an organized format. Try to cover each point stated in our structure of MBA SoP, point by point. Also, create and work with a checklist so you do not omit any vital point.
  • Be original. Evolve your own style rather than replacing a word for another word with someone else’s SoP. If you lack ideas on what to do you can borrow a leaf from our sample MBA statement of purpose.
  • Be precise and concise. Avoid being verbose or writing too much as well as avoid been ambiguous by using high-sounding words that have no meaning. The AdComm. can tell when you try to impress rather than express.
  • Get a second opinion. When using sample SoP for MBA or writing from the scratch it always pays to either seek professional help or seek the opinion of someone knowledgeable with Statement of purpose MBA. Preferably use a person who understands the statement of purpose format for MBA or has written one before.

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The Format of Statement of Purpose for MBA

Some MBA institutions will give details of what they expect you to submit with instructions while others expect you to seek information on your own on how to format a statement of purpose providing all necessary details for the admission committee. That’s where a sample SoP for MBA would be quite helpful from us.

The statement of purpose MBA does not make use of bullet points and listing to elaborate on your skills, qualifications, work experiences and achievements like that of the Resume or Curriculum Vitae. It makes use of a free-flowing admissions essay where it vital detail should be placed in strategic places or paragraphs across the essay. As part of the statement of purpose format for MBA, it should include subheadings or sections that explain the work. It should look at the following:

  • The student’s background.
  • Professional experience and accomplishment.
  • The students’ career objectives or goals.
  • State the reason for wanting an MBA, etc.

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Structure of MBA SoP

In summary, the basic structure for an exceptional statement of purpose MBA involves:

Introduction Body Conclusion

For institutions that specify the length of SoP try to stick to the guideline but in a case where no word count then 1,000 words should be your target. Your statement of purpose MBA is a Personal Statement. Create a thesis statement for your SoP. It should be a single sentence talking about the central idea of your SoP and should come at the beginning of your paper. It should help sum up your SoP and give the admission committee an expectation. The introductory paragraph should be the hooker. It should draw the attention of the reader to your work and spur them to read further. Each paragraph in the body of the statement of purpose MBA should focus on a specific and central idea. It should help push your paper forward and must follow a sequential order.

However, to understand the structure better follow these steps (you can also use our sample SoP for MBA as a guide underneath:

  • Introduction. Do an intriguing and unique introduction about yourself. An introduction laced with an illustration or story expressing some values that will catch their attention.
  • Tell of your passion and love for the field of study. You can tell a story about your experience and background that reflects your relationships in the field.
  • Talk about your academic background. Talk about special courses and classes you have taken in the field of interest. Remember to mention popular professors you have studied under, extra and co-curricular activities, publications, conferences attended, presentations and more that reflects your developmental paths in the intended field of study.
  • Social works and volunteer service. If you have been involved in leadership or community service in the past, it would be nice to mention them now.
  • Why choose this course and institution. You can mention at the beginning of your essay the reason for choosing the particular field and specific grad institution for study.
  • Talk more about the institution and why the choice of institution. Talk about what attracts you to this institution. Talk about their facilities, cultures and more. Look out for well-known professors in your field of study, their achievements and why you think their influences in your development would be quite helpful.
  • Conclude appropriately Always remain on a high note displaying excitement and optimism all through your statement of purpose MBA.
  • Seek advice. Get professional help with crosschecking your work from a professor. We have sample MBA statement of purpose and professors to help. Always, edit, proofread and format thoroughly before submission.

Things to Avoid When Writing Your Statement of Purpose

Here are a couple of pointers that you need to avoid when writing your statement of purpose

  • Procrastination. Working on your SoP in the last minute is a big no-no and can cause you to rush through it, hence missing out on your opportunity to get into the college/ institution of your choice.
  • Writing a poor introduction/ conclusion. In any writing venture, the introduction and conclusion play an important role in tying the flow of the story. That being said, when you write a poor introduction and conclusion, you will no doubt lose the flow of the story.
  • The use of informal language. In the writing process, using professional language is key. That being said, you should ensure that you pen content with a polite tone. Additionally, the content should have the right grammar and no elements of slang should be present.
  • Exceeding the word count. There is a word limit for a reason. It is to ensure that you can put all your relevant points as briefly as possible. So when you cross a given word count, you are showing that you’re not able to summarize content effectively.
  • Adding information that is irrelevant. Though an SoP should be about your life, it is not an autobiography! So make sure to avoid any instances where you are revealing information that is not relevant.
  • Rewording a sample SoP for MBA. Copying another person’s statement of purpose MBA instead of using it as a sample SoP for MBA would be counterproductive. Most Admissions committee members have read through hundreds of SoP and might have come across something similar.
  • Repeating your resume. Trying to rewrite your resume in a prose format is the worse form of injustice for a SoP. As long as it is not adding anything new from what is in your resume don’t take that approach. Instead focus on your personal story, successes, failures and soft qualities.
  • Empty claims. Do not exaggerate just to sell. The committee can tell from years of experience when an applicant tries to impress, making empty claims. Don’t tell but show it to the committee how hardworking or what you can do.
  • Low confidence level. You need to display confidence in yourself and in the committee through your writing. And that comes from writing the statement of purpose MBA multiple drafts to be exceptional.
  • Avoid talking about failures. Some students shy away from talking about their failures. The main idea is to try to turn your failures into successes by focusing on the lessons learned and how you were able to overcome the challenges of failing at something to keep pressing on rather than give up.
  • Use of cliché and jargons. Colloquialism, clichés, and jargons might not augur well with the committee. Also, adopting the same quotes as others might make you look less original. Therefore, stick to what you know.
  • Using passive voice. When you write in a passive tone it reduces the impact on the reader. Passivity tends to transfer the subject and make it the object or acted upon.

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