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Statement of Purpose
for Law School
statement of purpose for law school sample
Statement of Purpose
for Scholarship
statement of purpose for scholarship sample
Statement of Purpose
for MBA
statement of purpose for mba example
Statement of Purpose
for Graduate School
sample statement of purpose for graduate school
Statement of Purpose
for PhD
statement of purpose for phd sample
Statement of Purpose
for Internship
statement of purpose for internship example
Statement of Purpose
for MS in Engineering
statement of purpose for ms in engineering sample
Statement of Purpose
for Dental School
dental school statement of purpose samples
Statement of Purpose
for Nurse Practitioner
statement of purpose nurse practitioner sample
Statement of Purpose
for MS in Computer Science
statement of purpose sample for ms in computer science
Statement of Purpose
for MS in Data Science
sample statement of purpose for ms in data science
Statement of Purpose
for Nursing
nursing statement of purpose sample
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Kara Garner

While being a masterful author, Kara needs to deal with computer/information science, programming, website design, applied mathematics, statistics, and data management technology so as not to be like a fish out of water. Of course, this is not a full list of the fields she is competent in. You can, in fact, double or even triple it.

Garry Hovard

Garry is a well-rounded specialist in medicine who can assist you in composing an admission document for hospital administration, pediatrics, veterinary assistance, and the like. Due to his writing skills, you can be sure about the absolute quality of your text.

Tim Johnson

Tim’s vast experience in the legal field, including working as an in-house lawyer and counselor-at-law assistant, together with in-depth knowledge of criminology and forensic science, guarantees your complete success. Also, Tim can provide a 100% personalized, smooth, and engaging statement.

Teresa Mason

Teresa will help you to prepare an SoP in business, marketing management, and human resource development. She knows well how to sell your candidacy properly by demonstrating your strengths, background, and experience to the admission representatives.

Dan Burell

Architectural engineering is Dan’s cup of tea. He cannot live without the creation of new designs because he has got a lot of unordinary ideas. He is a truly passionate professional who loves his specialization like nothing else. He will upgrade your SoP beneficially for you to gain a competitive edge over other applicants.

Andrea Pitch

Andrea specializes in genetics, ecology, geology, and atmospheric science. Most students say that cooperation with Andrea is a real success: she examines your order meticulously by defining your most beneficial traits to represent your candidacy efficaciously to the selected department. Extra attention is paid to the structure of your SoP.

Katherina Harper

Katherina is an experienced private school tutor who knows how to deal with students and communicate with other tutors. Besides, she’s an excellent academic writer who can assist you with educational administration, career/business education, and coaching. She’ll show you how to compose a catchy admission document in several days.

Daniel Cole

When you need to present an SoP in nursing or general medicine, ask Daniel for help. Just share all of the requirements with him, and everything will be done ahead of the deadline.

Lacy Stevens

Need to write a statement of purpose in mass communications, advertising, or digital media? Lacy is a top master of the above fields and is aware of the latest news in the digital marketing sphere. Moreover, she always meets the academic requirements when executing orders and revises all texts, eliminating even the slightest typos. Superb quality will be guaranteed if you request assistance from her!

Ian Harley

Automotive, electrical, and electronic engineering, industrial production, and some other technology-related areas are the fields that Ian is competent in. He’s our engineering geek who fulfills each order carefully for clients to meet their targets. He takes the whole responsibility when dealing with your SoP to provide the most riveting description of your accomplishments.

Great Statement of Purpose Example to Make Your Winning SoP

A statement of purpose (SoP) is extremely important if you want to be accepted to a program of choice. Complementing other docs from the application package, the SoP is the best place to familiarize the committee with your candidacy and desire to join their program, showcase your motivation to study, reveal your unique skills and abilities, and set up career goals. And this is not easy, especially if you reinforce these requirements with a good statement of purpose example, which creates the impression that some superhero wrote it.

admission statement of purpose sample

However, the sample is not about boasting but the ability to disassemble the whole SoP into small components, using which you can create your own great document. Using appropriate statement of purpose samples created according to key requirements help you understand what should be included in the SoP, where to place accents, etc. Just have a look at these 12 outstanding  examples and let’s perform a comprehensive analysis of what makes those ones so good and how to use them to strengthen your SoP.

What to Look For in a Statement of Purpose Sample?

The first advantage of using the sample of SoP is understanding the document’s intent and ways to persuade the readers. For instance, you can learn from an example of statement of purpose how to explain to the admission officers why you chose this program, how it fits your interests, and how it shapes you as a specialist.

Moreover, SoP letter sample let you see how to organize the statement properly and what should be included in documents for various application purposes:

  • Financial background if you need a scholarship or funding.
  • Academic and career path with a focus on the program opportunities
  • Key achievements, experiences, and the details of the background.
  • Information about extra-curricular activities, interests & hobbies related to your professionalism or revealing some personal qualities.

Go Beyond One Sample Statement of Purpose

To compose a compelling SoP (especially if you’re applying to highly competitive program), don’t stop at using a single sample. Having several various SoP examples allows you to see multiple ways in which authors interpret their thoughts and manage the information available.

statement of purpose sample for mba statement of purpose for phd sample sample statement of purpose for graduate school

Ideally, you should first study the thematic SoP samples or examples from the written prompts. Then try to search on related topics or simply review the winning statements prepared for top programs. It helps you to get started with your document fully armed.

When analyzing a particular statement of purpose sample, note the following points.


In our presented statement of purpose examples, SoP writers clearly outline the candidate’s goals in the chosen program and what they want to achieve with this.

If you apply for a practice-focused program, mention what experiences you expect to get, skills, and technical knowledge. Be specific, showing institution officials you know what their program can offer you and how you’re going to utilize such opportunities.

As soon as you say you are ‘interested in everything at once,’ the committee will identify that you cannot choose a specific field and are not properly interested in their program. Meticulous customization of each academic statement of purpose example is what makes it valuable.


The only way to verify your experience is to show what you have already achieved, but only use the facts which can be easily proved. In every sample of statement of purpose, writers provide much information about significant projects, work experiences, and cases that shaped the candidate’s professionalism. A real working experience or volunteering must also be mentioned in the SoP.

You discover many exciting ideas about presenting the information by checking multiple samples. However, since you have limited space in the SoP, you should pick up just several most crucial experiences to list.


An excellent example of a statement of purpose should clearly explain why the candidacy will be a worthy choice for the acceptance and a severe advantage the institution gain. From the author’s background to their deep understanding of faculty values and readiness to contribute to the chosen field – the motivation and commitment must go through the whole SoP.

Answer the questions: What exactly does the chosen specialty engage you? Maybe you are interested in working with top pros or specific professors, or does the department have a strong tradition of a particular methodology? 

The committee wants to see students who are passionate about the program and clearly understand why they chose it. Try to define this information in the preferred sample statement of purpose, and you’ll be surprised by the number of details considered.

Other SoP Sample Nuances to Pay Attention To

This is another essential component of a successful statement of purpose. You should be able to express your thoughts without making mistakes. Reading the specific SoP sample, institution officials expect to see highly readable, grammatically correct, and understandable writing composed engagingly but with professionalism and enough formality.

  • Refer to yourself with positive language.
  • Make the narrative more smooth by adding transitional words, sentences & paragraphs.
  • Don’t start new SoP sections the same way.
  • Don’t repeat yourself, don’t exaggerate, and don’t lie.
  • Check spacing, margins, font size & formatting style.

Another vital nuance is the SoP length. We specifically try to keep the example of a purpose statement as concise as possible, leaving room for maneuver. Different committees provide different requirements, so it’s pretty common when you need to prepare several similar SoPs, one of which will be 700 words and the other 400.

Perfect Academic Statement of Purpose Example

Seeking a sample of SoP with academic aims, people always want to find a perfect ready-made document that 100% meets their case. Still, it’s almost impossible because even the most perfect sample for statement of purpose cannot showcase YOUR unique characteristics. So we always recommend our readers pay attention to general SoP aspects like the contextual ones we explore above and the structural ones below:

  • Opening: Brief and catchy

It is the most important part of the sample of SoP because it is the first part readers see. The goal is to make this part catchy to hook the committee. You can do it by highlighting your field of interest or mentioning details that made you choose the program.

  • Body part: The most informative in the text

This SoP part may vary in different samples of statement of purpose depending on the required size, number of facts, and narrative the author chose. E.g., in some SoP examples, there’s a chronological list of projects or previous experiences complemented with obtained skills. Other samples divide the body into several paragraphs, each dedicated to specific things. In any case, the SoP body is where to showcase all your advantages and abilities.

  • Conclusion: The summary of the whole text

The brief ending part may summarize all statements made earlier in the example of purpose statement, summing up all arguments and motivating to consider the SoP application.

Enlist Support in Finding Your Best Example Statement of Purpose

When seeking an appropriate SoP example, it gets complicated. The number of available samples is enormous, but only a few may fit. So, to get an example statement of purpose that matches your needs, it may be better to request some help with searches or hire a SoP writer to create something unique just for you.

Our proficient SoP writing experts composed dozens of samples that have inspired hundreds of applicants. We want to share both SoP examples and their authors with you. By surfing our collection, you can find samples made with different requirements, among which it’ll be easy to find something appropriate. Nevertheless, you can also order SoP writer’s service to compose your own statement of academic purpose example made per your demands and a particular admission case.

Get yourself the best application document today and join the desired program with no extra worries!