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Write Your ASU Essay Prompt With Our Professional Tips

Information about ASU

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Arizona State University as a public institution founded in 1885. Located in Tempe Arizona, ASU has close to 38900 undergraduate students, making it home to one of the largest undergraduate populations in the nation. Arizona State University offers over 300 undergraduate academic programs and has more than 500 clubs and organizations for students to check out. For those wanting to study abroad there are 250 study abroad options. The most popular majors at ASU are Business Management/Marketing, Social Sciences, and Biological and Biomedical Sciences. ASU alumni include actor David Spade, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and baseball player Barry Bonds. If you need a good CU Boulder supplement essay or SoP writing help than call us today!

Write a great response to your ASU essay prompt

The following is an ASU essay prompt:

“Discuss how a particular work of music, literature, or art has inspired your educational path.”

Use these tips to help you write your response to the ASU essay prompt

  • Make the essay personal. Don’t make it about the art, literature or whatever else inspires you. Admissions would like to know how it affects you and not about the art itself.
  • Be specific. Provide examples to illustrate what you’re saying. What is it about it that inspires you, and how does it manifest itself. The intent is to learn about you but not much will be learned from a generic essay
  • Focus on one idea. Don’t try to cover everything in the essay you write. Rather than covering five ideas poorly, focus on one idea and cover it well. This is a much more effective technique.
  • Avoid the common mistakes such as using clichés, quotations, or some gimmick in your essay. Also don’t use big words that you don’t normally use or long flowery statements. All of these things are a red flag to readers.
  • Revise and edit. The revision process is what makes a good an essay. Nobody’s first draft is going to be their best draft. Review your essay and see if it addresses all the questions, clearly conveys the idea you want, and is easy to read.
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An ASU personal statement is shown here:

A common trait among many of the best students is not only their academic achievements but also their involvement in a wide range of extracurricular programs. It appears when a passion develops for these activities it somehow motivates the students. My own inspiration comes from the guitar. Playing the guitar inspires me not only musically been academically. In case you need a comprehensive medical personal statement.

There are many similarities between a passionate musician and an avid student. Motivation, discipline, dedication and focus are integral parts of any good scholar or musician. For a musician to improve, a strict rehearsal regime must be kept. Learning a piece of music is like studying for an exam. Practicing or studying is what ultimately leads to success or failure. The guitar helps me with my studies. Devoted practice compels me to become more responsible and determined. It has become apparent to me now, that music has trained me to excel as a student and realize my full potential.

One concept directly applied from playing the guitar to my studies is the idea that with enough time and effort I can accomplish anything. I chose to work on a very difficult piece of music because I like the song. I decided I would one day play it, and slowly began to learn it. It seemed impossible at first but by practicing line by line, and page by page my fingers eventually came to learn the music. I was honestly amazed at my abilities. It occurred to me that applying that concept to other areas could lead me to become more accomplished in many things. I now approach my most difficult classes knowing that I will be successful and with practice I eventually am.

The magic of art is its ability to inspire. Success as a musician carry’s through to my other endeavors and challenges me to become a more accomplished student. At the same time success in academics encourages me to improve as a musician. They feed off of each other.

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